Demolition Stores


Demolition Stores:

Infantry and military engineering units each have specific needs for explosives products. CEUK has called on over 100 years experience in detonation technology to provide the UK MoD with a full range of products designed to give the soldier an efficient means to lay and set off his explosive charges

Blasting accessories for military demolitions include:

The CEUK range is manufactured to UK MoD specifications and is renowned for its performance and reliability.


CEUK has also been selected by the UK MoD to meet its requirements for flexible linear cutting charges. SABREX is a flexible and explosively efficient family of linear cutting charges.It can be tailored to suit customer applications in terms of bespoke natures to match specific target sets and or ancillaries to meet applications specific requirements.

Bangalore Torpedo:

The Bangalore Torpedo is used by troops to clear obstacles which are designed to slow up, impede or even stop their advancement.

The Bangalore Torpedo compliments many other equipments produced by CEUK including Beehive, Hayrick and bridge demolition charges aswell as kits of detonators, shock tubes and means of charge placement and initiation.

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